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 The ultimate design solution for kitchen 

ANKE OMAN is a young & dynamic turnkey Solution provider for Foodservice and kitchen equipment. Although it is relatively a young organization, the key personals who manage this company are experts in Foodservice Consultation, Kitchen equipment manufacturing, Marketing, and Customer care service. We are specialized in manufacturing stainless steel kitchen equipment, furniture, and food services consultation.



Our knowledge of materials, technologies, steel production processes, and appropriate production capacities enables us to produce various types of equipment for steel items.

We provide advanced blast furnaces, coke ovens that contribute to the safe, economic, and environmentally friendly production of steel products that enhance modern living.


Professionals have been utilizing our stainless steel healthcare equipment for years and they continue to depend on us to regularly manufacture products that keep their facilities up-to-date.



ANKE offers a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment for food preparation, Storage, Display, Preservation, and Service for Restaurants, Hotels, and Food courts. We also offer Designer Kitchen for Palaces and Villas, Our unique services and resources always meet the customer’s satisfaction. We also have the capability to undertake turnkey projects.

ANKE products are unique by their elegant look. The basic design concepts emphasize space-saving, energy-efficient, hygiene, and functionality. We provide consultation for setting up a new food service business or renovation of an existing business. We provide all inputs to the clients to develop concepts, to execute turnkey projects in a cost-effective method.

ANKE has an in-house design facility with the latest technology and expert professionals. Also, we have a Research & Development department that analyses the market feedbacks, updates, trends, and technologies from the international arena. The helps us to equip ANKE for new demands & requirements in the foodservice industries.

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